We are sure you have been asked for references before however, we would like to make the process as simple and friendly for you as possible. As a referee, you are not able to provide any insulting, discriminatory or false comments as a former employer reference. If you are unable to answer positively, simply state this fact.

A veremark reference is analyzed on the volume of data provided. Veremark provides a clear structure and question framework for you to use and provide responses too. If at any stage you feel that you are not the best-suited point of contact to provide the reference, then you are able to decline with just a click of the button.'

The value of written references

A verbal reference sounds straightforward, you'll be able to provide some straightforward answers only to have the responses misunderstood and represented by the hirer or worse edited by the recruiter. Veremark lets you systematically deliver references n unchanging and structured fashion that protects you from any discriminatory comments and ensuring the truth reaches the intended party.

'Off the record' does not exist

β€œThis is 'Off the Record'” is sometimes what you will be told when doing a phone reference however this is incorrect. Either through spoken or written communication, you run the risk of being accountable for the data collected. Our solution helps you get through the process in an easy, safe and secure fashion minimizing the potential to be misrepresented.

The candidate clearly thinks highly of you

When asked to provide a reference it is easy to view it as a chore and a misuse of your time. However, in most cases these ex-employees have chosen you as a genuine advocate for their skills and experience - after all a good reference can change someone's life, if they obtain the 'Dream Job'! So, in light of their request it may be good to think for 5 minutes about your time with them, here are a few things to jog your memory:

The process of giving a reference can often be seen as a hassle rather than an opportunity to really help someone along. It is likely that the candidate has selected you as someone they respect and appreciate as a spokesperson for their abilities.

The candidate is in midst of getting the role they truly desire and called on you to help. In reality, it is quite the honour!

With this in mind and in terms of putting the best foot forward it would be good to take a moment and reflect on some of the following areas:

  • For what period did they work for you?

  • What were the key assignments or deliverables they took on during that time?

  • Did they have any formal appraisals and what were the outcome?

  • Perhaps you can gather some further insights from colleagues they worked with?

  • What one thing really stands out for you about them?

  • Are you clear on why they moved on?

  • Would you work with them again and in what capacity?

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