What is this check?

Global Sanctions Checks are searches of international government databases and are designed to identify people who are prohibited from working in certain roles or sectors to prevent money laundering, terrorist ļ¬nancing or other risks. There are currently over 1800 international enforcement databases and global watchlists in over 190 countries which are updated every 24 hours, and this number is constantly evolving and changing.

What does it unveil?

Global Sanctions Checks highlight whether applicants are/have been involved in, or are suspected of, illegal activity which might prevent them from working in certain roles or industries.

Why is this check important?

Global Sanctions Checks are crucial to comply with AML regulations, Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Patriot Act and many other international legislations in the UK, Europe, US and worldwide.

When should you use it?

Whenever you hire someone; before taking anybody through the onboarding process - as the penalties and risks for falling foul can be considerable.

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