What does a Civil Litigation Check unveil?

A Civil Litigation Check provides information about any civil action brought against or by the candidate themselves, including:

- Debt Relief Orders (DROs and DRRUs),

- Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs)

- Fast Track Voluntary Arrangements(FTAs)

- Bankruptcy RestrictionOrders/Undertakings (BROs/BRUs)

- Interim Bankruptcy

- Restriction Orders (iBROs)

- Interim Debt Relief Restrictions Orders (iDRROs)

Why is this check important?

Civil Litigation Checks provides important insights into a candidate’s character. It highlights previous civil litigation including domestic, personal injury or negligence claims against an individual or company, and highlights information about a person’s financial history.

When should you use it?

This check is most commonly used for Management and Executives. To check whether the individual may have civil litigations brought against them, or can also reveal when cases may not have been brought against an individual in criminal proceedings. An important check particularly if a criminal check is not being run.

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