How to add re-screenings

In this article, we talk about what a re-screening is and how it can be set.

Set checks to be performed on a regular basis, at a frequency you can select. Useful to ensure your candidates’ information is kept up-to-date or compliant with regulations.

Step 1: Select the checks to be re-screened

From the criteria builder, checks are eligible for re-screening and can be set to be performed periodically.

An icon will be included in the check’s credit label as a marker for the possibility to enable re-screening. Once the check is selected, there will be a toggle button to enable re-screening

Step 2: Set the re-screening

Once you finished enabling re-screening for selected checks, you can set the re-screening process in the bottom area. The options will apply for all the selected checks

Step 3: Create the request

These criterias with re-screening can be selected when creating a new request, implying the added candidate to be verified based on those re-screening checks, at the time and frequency set by the client.

Client can also edit these re-screenings on the new request page, or even add it if there was no re-screening selected from the first place

Additional: Disable re-screenings for existing candidates

You have the option to deactivate re-screenings at any time on the Candidates page.

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