How to change a check status between "Review" and "Completed"

We are excited to introduce a new feature that empowers our clients with greater control and flexibility over the status of their checks.

Why Are We Introducing This Feature?

  1. Users Empowerment: Users now have the autonomy to adjust the status of checks, reflecting their internal risk policies and decisions.

  2. Transparency and Efficiency: Enhancing transparency by recording all status changes in an audit trail, ensuring clarity and accountability.

Use Cases

1. User Discretion and Correction

  • This flexibility allows users to adjust the status based on their internal risk policy or disagreements with Veremark's assessment.

2. Revert Changes

  • Users have the capability to revert status changes if they decide to maintain or switch back to the previous status.

3. Differentiation and Audit Trail

  • A distinction will be made to differentiate between statuses applied by Veremark and users, ensuring clarity in the change history.

  • All status change actions are recorded in the audit trail, including timestamps and user names, accessible on the Candidate report view

4. Reason to change status

  • When transitioning from Review to Completed and vice versa, users can add an optional justification note to support their decision making

5. Check-Level Modifications by Admin Users

  • The feature operates on a check level, allowing admin users to perform status change actions, ensuring granular control and security.


How to Use the Feature

1. Accessing the Check

  • Navigate to the specific check from the "Requests" page or candidate report view.

2. Initiating Status Change

  • Locate the current status of the check and select the desired action to transition between "Review" and "Completed."


3. Adding Justification Notes (Optional)

  • Provide a justification note when transitioning the status, especially when specifying non-blocker issues or indicating the need for a review.


4. Confirming and Recording

  • Confirm the status change, ensuring that the action is recorded in the audit trail with timestamps and user identification for accountability.


Important Note on Status Changes

Modifying the status serves as a reflection of the user preferences and does not influence or expedite any associated actions or workflows managed by Veremark. We value transparency and want to ensure that you have the autonomy to adjust statuses based on your discretion, while also setting clear expectations regarding the subsequent operational implications.


If you encounter any issues or have questions, please reach out to our client support team for assistance (