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Lever ATS Integration

This document outlines how to get started with the Veremark integration on the Lever ATS system.

For any questions related to the Veremark <> Lever integration or this document, please email support@veremark.com.


The Veremark <> Lever integration allows users of the Lever ATS to request Veremark background checks on their candidates directly from within the Lever platform.


Once the checks have been ordered via Lever the check status and result will automatically update within the Lever candidate view.


A full background check report will be available on the Veremark platform when the check is complete, accessed via a link from Lever.

Setting Up

Step 1: Create your Veremark account

To set up the integration you will need to first create a Veremark account.


Go to https://app.veremark.com/signup and follow the onscreen instructions.

Step 2: Create your criteria

Once your account has been set up, you will then need to set up a ‘Criteria’. This is the package of checks that you perform on a candidate.


Once you set up a criteria it will be used in your Lever account “Tag” section once it has been connected to your Veremark account.


Go to https://app.veremark.com/criteria and click on ‘New Criteria’. In the next screen enter the name for the criteria (one which you will later use as a Tag in Lever) and toggle on the checks that you want to perform.


Once the checks are added and customised click ‘Save’. The criteria have now been created.



Step 3: Connect Veremark to your Lever account

Click on your “Profile” icon in the top right corner and then click on “Settings”.

From the left-hand side menu chose “Integrations” and select “Lever”.

This will open a window with the Lever’s log-in page. Please use your Lever username and password to login to complete the integration.

Once integration has been completed you will see the red tick for Lever on the integrations tab.

Requesting Veremark Checks within Lever

Step 1: Select the person whom you would like to order checks

Log into your Lever account and use “Add Candidate” button, or select a person that has already been added earlier. Please ensure that, as minimum, person’s name and email address has been added at this stage, although you may also want to add a job role.

Step 2: Create a tag (select checks to order)

The next step is to choose the checks package (criteria) that you would like to order. To do this you will need to use what Lever calls “Tags” as each tag corresponds criteria that you had previously set up in step 2. You can choose from existing tags, however, when setting up the system first time, you will need to create a new tag.

To add a new tag, please type “Veremark:” followed by your chosen criteria name. It is important that you enter the criteria name exactly as you named it, otherwise Lever will not be able to sync these. After typing the tag click “Create new tag”.

Step 3: Initiate a check

Changing the stage from the current to the next will initiate the check by sending an email to candidate inviting them to provide the required information. The corresponding lever tag will change to [Requested] as shown below.

Step 4: The candidate receives an email from Veremark

The email the candidate receives describes the tasks that need to be completed. The candidate can then click through to submits details and start the verification process.

Step 5: The result is displayed in Lever

The progress on the checks can be seen on lever as shown below and this is also where the results can be seen. For the checks that have been completed the Lever tag will change to [Criteria Met].

Clicking on the results link shown below, will take you into Veremark’s Platform where you will be able to see the full report.

For any questions related to the Veremark <> Lever integration or this document, please email support@veremark.com.