How do I get started with Reference Checks?

This article explains what a Veremark Reference Check is, how it can benefit your business and how to get set up


Reference checking is a crucial step in the hiring process that gathers information about a job candidate’s performance, work habits, and overall suitability for a role, direct from referees that have worked with them the closest.

Traditionally carried out over the phone, Veremark provides a low effort, fast and secure way to collect references digitally.

What is different about Veremark Reference Checks?

Veremark Reference check are fully customisable which means you have a huge amount of scope to tailor to your exact requirements.

You can define referee type, count and deliver custom instructions. In addition you can now utilise our multiple questionnaire functionality to target questionnaires. This means you can gather focused feedback in key areas such as technical proficiency or inter-personal skills to build a really complete picture of a candidate.

How do I get set up? 

To get the most out of this check it is essential that it's set up properly.

Firstly you need to set up your questionnaires. You can create your own from scratch or use our industry specific templates to get started. Once the questionnaires are created then you can head to the Criteria builder to set the referee rules and add any special instructions needed.

Learn more about Reference Check setup.