What does each stage of a request mean?

A request has 6 stage types. Each stage is listed and described below.

Requested: a request was sent and the candidate has yet to consent and submit their information for Veremark to begin the background check.

In Progress: a candidate has consented and submitted their information and Veremark has started the background check. Veremark will communicate with the candidate as needed for any further information.

Completed: the candidate’s background check has been completed by Veremark and a report can be found in the candidate’s profile.

Closed: the request was not able to be completed and the employer requested to close it. For example, the candidate or referee did not respond.

Paused: the request is not able to be completed at this time and the employer requested to pause it. For example, a candidate needs more time to find their documents or their former employer should not be contacted at this time.

Review needed: discrepancies were found and the employer should thoroughly review them to assess whether they are critical.