5. What happens after I purchase a Ministry of Manpower, Singapore (MOM) - Education Verification Package?

Once you have purchased the check, a link will be sent to your candidate to fill up and submit their educational details to Veremark. In the event that the particular school requires more information, we will be in touch with your candidate to obtain clarification.

Veremark will review the details and get in touch with you if we identify any issues with your order, or that the qualification your candidate submitted is not eligible to earn points under COMPASS.

The timeline starts when your candidate has submitted all their required information.

In the event that your candidate declares more than 1 qualification, Veremark will reach out to you to confirm which qualification you wish to be checked. If we do not receive a response from you within a week, the most recently completed qualification will be screened by default in order to avoid delays for MOM processing. 

To avoid delays, we encourage that you make sure

  1. your candidate email address has been entered correctly and
  2. your candidate submits their information promptly on our portal

Once the report is ready, you will receive an email notification to download it from our portal for your submission to the Ministry of Manpower.


Veremark is an approved partner by Ministry of Manpower to do verified academic checks. You can purchase your check here: