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Workable ATS Integration

This article describes out to set up the Workable <> Veremark integration

If your company uses Workable to manage your talent acquisition pipeline, then great news, you can now request Veremark checks directly from within Workable!

How to get setup

Within your Veremark account, navigate to Settings / Integrations, and click the Workable panel, you will then be provided with an API key. Copy this text.

Next go to your Workable account and paste the key text into the Workable integration settings for Veremark, and click 'Update'.

Great, you are now ready to start requesting checks directly from within Workable.

Requesting Veremark Checks from within Workable

First. navigate to a role that you are hiring for and select or add a candidate.


Then click the More Actions (...) icon and click 'Perform a background check'.

You will now be able to select Veremark as the background check provider and all of the Criteria that are available in your Veremark account will now be visible here. Find more information on Veremark Criteria here.

Once the check has been requested from within Workable, the candidate will notified by email and background checking process will begin.

Viewing the status and result

The check result and status will be displayed in the Workable profile. Full results can be viewed by clicking through the link into the Veremark profile.